Floyd Mayweather Jr. to fight Roberto Guerrero on May 4

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Las Vegas, NV, United States (4E Sports) – Floyd Mayweather Jr., arguably the biggest draw in boxing today, announced he’ll be fighting interim champion Roberto Guerrero on May 24 at MGM Grand.

Mayweather made his promise to return in the right almost a year before his last bout against Miguel Cotto for the junior middleweight title last May.

Now, Mayweather will be facing an up-and-coming fighter in Guerrero, who boasts a 31-1-1 record with 18 knockouts. Moreover, Guerrero’s stock has skyrocketed ever since he pummeled former welterweight champion Andre Berto in November.

“The first fight is Guerrero, ‘The Ghost,’ the boogey man,” Mayweather’s adviser Lenoard Ellerbe said on Tuesday. “Floyd’s going to line all these guys up and he’s going to whup their asses one by one.”

However, the most surprising announcement made by the Grand Rapids native was his decision to end his 15-year tie with HBO for a more lucrative deal with CBS Showtime.

Ellerbe didn’t specify the detail of the deal but it’s reportedly to be a six-fight deal with Showtime.

“Floyd has signed a record-breaking deal with Showtime PPV/CBS, and Floyd is ecstatic,” Ellerbe told ESPN.com. “This historic deal reflects a global superstar who is head and shoulders above his peers. HBO, they made a great offer, but the Showtime PPV/CBS offer was substantially greater in every facet, from top to bottom.

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