Boy George reveals slimmer physique, credits healthy eating

Paula David – Fourth Estate Cooperative Reporter

London, United Kingdom (4E) – Androgynous 80s pop icon Boy George has stepped back into the limelight way lighter than ever before.

On Sunday, Boy George attended the Awards in London looking half his old self. He also posted a photo of his new thinner self on Twitter captioned, “Rock n roll sunday!!”

Looking way fitter and not a day over 40, the 51-year-old former Culture Club member said that healthy eating paved the way for his weight loss. At the ceremony, he told reporters, “It’s watching what I eat. I don’t eat just raw food, it’s a mixture of things.”

The “Karma Chameleon” also posted on Twitter, “My secret!” along with a link to a website,

On Monday, amidst the media shrill brought about by his noticeable weight loss, Boy George wrote on Twitter, “I love that the size of my ass is trending worldwide!”

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