Analyst: Lack of innovation may be iPad’s doom

Jeremiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

Cupertino, CA, United States (4E) – While Apple has revolutionized the tech industry with innovations such as the tablet PC and iPod, one analyst thinks the Cupertino-based company has run out of ideas.

Citibank analyst Glen Yeung thinks that Apple’s lack of innovation for its iPad would spell doom against ultrathin computers. There have been a total of five iPad offerings so far, including the iPad mini. Truthfully enough, there hasn’t been any breakthrough upgrades since the first iPad save for retina screen upgrades.

“Whereas we see limited innovation in tablets in 2H13, we see growing innovation in PCs. The growing presence of touch-based, ultrathin, all-day notebooks at improving price points (e.g., Intel requires all Haswell-based Ultrabooks to have touch and envisions price-points as low as $599) could create competition for 10″ tablets not fully anticipated by the market,” Yeung said, according to ZDNet.

Ultrathin computers will soon receive a boost with a new processor offered by Intel called Haswell. Haswell is faster with its 3D tri-gate technology and consumes lower power consumption which makes it perfect for powering mobile devices.

“We believe Apple will launch an iPad Mini Retina and a thinner/lighter iPad5 (both likely sporting newer processors) in 3Q13 … iPad innovation of this nature is insufficient to reverse share loss,” Yeung added.

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