Microsoft working hard to meet 128 GB Surface Pro demand

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Redmond, WA, United States (4E) – Microsoft has been restless in its efforts to meet consumer demand for the 128 GB Surface Pro tablet. The 128 GB Surface Pro tablet has been difficult to find for consumers. It will be available in stores soon but Microsoft advises consumers to call first to double-check the availability. Surface Pro devices went on sale a week ago.

Microsoft clearly underestimated the consumer demand for its Surface Pro tablet and it has led to a shortage in supplies.

People may order the new tablet through the Microsoft online store in the United States, according to the Surface Blog. The Surface Pro has been accepted well by consumers as it’s usually sold out.

Microsoft posted the availability information for the Surface Pro tablets on its blog.

“At Best Buy (U.S.): Inventory levels are increasing and many Best Buy stores have Surface Pro units for sale in store. If the store does not have stock, you can reserve a Surface Pro (64GB and 128GB). Please note that Best Buy is only taking reservations in their stores for Surface Pro based on new inventory they know is coming in next week, so it’s possible that reservations could become ‘sold out.’

“At Staples (U.S.): Many Staples stores have Surface Pro units for sale in stores. If the store does not have stock, you can place a kiosk order in store to purchase Surface Pro 64GB for delivery.”

Within two to three weeks, the software giant is making available for online orders the 128 GB Surface Pro tablet model.

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