NHL post higher ticket price increase than NBA, NFL

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Chicago, IL, United States (4E Sports) – NHL teams instituted larger ticket price increases than those from the NBA and the NFL for the second consecutive season.

A Team Marketing Report Fan Cost showed NHL season-ticket prices went up 5.7 percent, with an average season ticket for non-premium seats at $61.01.

The NBA’s average ticket went up 3.5 percent to $50.99 and the NFL’s went up 2.5 percent to $78.38. The average MLB ticket for the 2012 season was at $26.98 with the 2013 average yet to be released at the start of the season.

None of these averages includes club, premium or suite tickets.

Canadian teams have the most expensive NHL tickets led by the Toronto Maple Leafs with an average ticket price of $124.69 (converted to U.S. dollars). It was followed by the Winnipeg Jets at $97.84, Vancouver Canucks at $87.38, Edmonton Oilers at $79.27 and Montreal Canadiens at $78.56.

The Buffalo Sabres reported the largest percentage increase at 26.7 percent, which brings their average ticket to $46.15, the seventh cheapest ticket.

In the previous season, the NHL raised prices by 4.8 percent, while the NBA (1.7 percent), NFL (1.2 percent) and MLB (1.2 percent for 2011 season) had smaller increases.

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