Alabama suspends four football players involved in attacks, robbery

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Tuscaloosa, AL, United States (4E Sports) – Alabama head football coach Nick Saban has indefinitely suspended four players who attacked and robbed two fellow students.

Those suspended were defensive lineman Dennis “D.J.” Pettway, linebacker Tyler Hayes, running back Brent Calloway and defensive back Eddie Williams.

Pettway, Hayes and Calloway appeared in 13 games last season while Williams, was a redshirt who did not play.

“The university and football program have strict guidelines regarding issues of this magnitude,” Saban said.

“This behavior is unacceptable for any student-athlete at the University of Alabama and not representative of our football program,” he added.

A university spokeswoman said police have charged Williams, Pettway and Hayes with robbery. Williams and Calloway were also charged with using a debit card fraudulently.

The four were booked into Tuscaloosa County Jail and posted bond for their temporary liberty.

According to police, Pettway, Hayes and Williams punched and kicked a student shortly after midnight Monday until he was unconscious. The student’s backpack with an Apple Macbook Pro was stolen

An hour later, Williams allegedly beat up another student until he lost consciousness and took his wallet while Hayes and Pettway waited in a vehicle, police said.

Williams and Calloway used the second victim’s debit card to buy snacks from a vending machine, police said.

One of the victims, Samuel Jurgens, still plans to root for the football team despite the incident.

“This was just a matter of chance. I’m still gonna love Alabama football. I just want to deal with this case, move on with my life,” Jurgens told The Crimson White.

“I just want to get on with my education. I want to continue being happy here. I was happy here before, and I will continue being happy here,” he added.

Jurgens said he was walking home early Monday morning when he was approached by one of the players and asked if he had a lighter. He said he didn’t, the man asked him again and he replied the same.

“That’s when I guess something happened,” Jurgens said. “I woke up, my face was swollen, I had cuts, and I had a concussion. Police say that’s probably when they hit me; I just know right after that I lost consciousness and I regained consciousness on the sidewalk, staring at the sky.”

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