Abuse allegations against South Carolina Montessori teacher probed

Raquel Erhard – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Summerville, SC, United States (4E) – A teacher at a Montessori School of the Arts in Dorchester County, South Carolina has been accused Wednesday of physically abusing her students.

Sheriff’s deputies said the investigation was prompted by a complaint from a parent of one of the students at the Summerville Montessori School of the Arts in Knightsville.

A mother of a three-year-old student claimed Tuesday the teacher had hit her daughter, and placed a tape over the girl’s mouth several weeks earlier.

WCIV revealed that in a report filed by a teacher’s assistant, officers were told she saw a teacher repeatedly locking four-year-old students in a dark bathroom and coercing them to sit on the floor.

The same assistant also saw the teacher force feeding a student by holding the child’s head back until she swallowed and another time, the teacher taped another 4-year-old student’s mouth after being disruptive.

The report stated a school administrator witnessed the incident but did not intervene.

Officials said the cases are being investigated and the teacher has not been arrested.

The Post and Courier reported that a school spokeswoman said the teacher was immediately put on unpaid leave pending the result of the investigation.

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