Fall Out Boy talks more about 2013 reunion

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Recently reunited after a four-year hiatus, popular rock band Fall Out Boy has shed light about why they decided to get back together and make new music.

In an interview with MTV published Wednesday, lead singer Patrick Stump said, “We didn’t want to come back just to bask in the glory days and, like, and collect a few checks and pretend … and do our best 2003 impersonation. We wanted to do something that was us now. And if it weren’t right, we weren’t going to do it.”

Meanwhile, bassist Pete Wentz expressed why the band went on hiatus. On his Tumblr account, he wrote, “I think we all needed a break. We toured non-stop for 7 years all over the world. There was no real plan with it. We needed to figure ourselves out in being creative and our personal lives. We never thought it would end up being as big of a deal as it was.”

As to why the band decided to ‘come back’ now, Wentz wrote, “The music had to be right first, its all about the music. There was no other part driving this…when we got together more recently we felt like we had written a few of the most compelling and heartfelt songs fall out boy has ever written.”

He added, “Besides December 21 came and passed and we decided since the world didn’t end- why not put out some tunes.”

Having released their newest single ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)’ on Monday, Fall Out Boy will be releasing their fifth studio album ‘Save Rock And Roll’ on May 7.

The band also kicked off their tour last Monday and will run until March 27. To add to that, the band will be having their first TV performance during the NBA All-Star Weekend on February 16.

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