Canaccord Genuity: Apple gained handset market share in Q4 2012

Jeremiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

Toronto, ON, Canada (4E) – The war between Apple and Samsung wages on with Canaccord Genuity reporting that the two companies dominated handset sales in the fourth quarter of last year. During that same period, Canaccord Genuity also reported that Apple gained market share against Samsung.

Together the two rivals generated an estimated 101 percent of profits in the fourth quarter alone and 103 percent all throughout last year.

“Given the current competitive dynamics, we believe Apple and Samsung will maintain dominant value share during Q1/13 with share gains for Samsung versus Apple expected in Q1/13,” Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley said.

Samsung and Apple’s profits are still very strong when compared to other competitors in the market. The likes of Nokia, Motorola, and BlackBerry have been unable to gain market share against the two companies.

The Korean-based electronics company is aware that its lost market share to Apple in Q4 of last year, but remains confident it will regain those losses this year. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV looming, Samsung has a reason to be confident.

“Apple also likely gained smart phone unit share during the calendar fourth quarter (10 percent versus 6.3 percent in the calendar third quarter), but it should lose a bit this quarter,” CNET reported via Canaccord Genuity.

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