Pistons’ Brandon Knight claims Metta World Peace punched him in collision

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Auburn Hills, MI, United States (4E Sports) – Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight has accused Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace of punching him after they tangled up during a rebound play Sunday, saying the NBA should review the play and impose the proper punishment.

World Peace was called for a flagrant foul 1 during the Lakers’ 98-97 win but Knight said the punishment was not appropriate as he was hit with a fist.

“The play needs to be reviewed because he definitely threw a punch,” Knight told reporters after the game. “It felt like he threw a punch. That’s why I reacted the way I did.

“The play was over and he grabbed me around the neck. If someone grabs you around the neck, you’re not just going to let that happen. You do what you need to get that person off you,” he added.

World Peace and Knight jostled for position while going for the rebound after Greg Monroe was called for a shooting foul on a shot attempt by Pau Gasol in the second quarter. Play was stopped and an official timeout was signaled so the referees could assess the situation.

“He’s a small guy,” said World Peace, who finished with eight points and nine rebounds in the win. “Knight was trying his hardest to keep me off him. He worked hard, man.”

The flagrant foul was the first for World Peace this season. Last year, he was suspended for seven games last season for throwing an elbow to the head of Houston Rockets swingman James Harden, who was playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder at the time.

“They got tangled up and they determined that he was a little bit more aggressive than the other guy,” said Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni. “It happens.”

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