LTE: I Guess You Follow the Money

Dear Editor:

I find it very interesting that our newly-elected State Rep. Tommy Sankey stood on our capitol’s steps and expressed, “If they want our guns, come and try to get them, because it’s not going to happen.”

I totally agree with his statement. I have purchased guns at Bob’s Army & Navy and Grice Gun Shop. They will never be removed from my home.

However, I don’t understand why Mr. Sankey wasn’t able to show up for a very important meeting with the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for the proposed Boggs Township Landfill. When campaigning he had expressed he was against it.

This is very important to the people of his district who elected him. I guess we have to follow the money. And, by the way, I left the NRA more than 25 years ago when they started supporting assault weapons for whoever had money to buy them. I guess you follow the money.

Common sense tells me that weapons don’t belong in the hands of everyone. Without knowing where they are and checking the history of people who are buying them, it’s a danger to everyone, regardless of where they are being purchased.

Thank goodness for the Second Amendment that’s to keep politicians in their place.

Marven Smith


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7 thoughts on “LTE: I Guess You Follow the Money

  1. jls16845

    Dieselrider says: Hit it right on the head,,,,,,,,,,,Gun laws are only for the average citizen. Criminals have got to be laughing their (expletive) off about gun laws…They got to be saying to their-selfs ” Pass any gun law you want “

  2. Wm Ogden

    Mr. George served us well for 38 years. His resume includes Chair of the Energy and Environment Committee. What was it exactly that you expected a freshmen representative to do that Mr. George did not? As the House was in session at the time of the hearing, would you rather he did not attend to the tasks he was hired to do just to show ‘solidarity?’ I believe that the Commissioners pressed for the hearing, perhaps you should have encouraged them to schedule at a more favorable time.
    As to “Following the money,” Thomas R Sankey III is doing exactly the job we hired him to do at the place we sent him to do it.

  3. Dieselrider

    It absolutely amazes me at how dense the people of this nation have become and how foolish our politicians are today. A piece of paper is not going to stop a bullet. You can pass all the “laws” you want to and put unlimited words on paper that will affect the “law abiding citizen” but will have zero effect on the criminal element in our society.

    How many “existing laws” did Adam Lanza break in the commission of the Newtown shootings?

    Does anyone really think the gangs in the cities get their guns from legitimate gun dealers?

    If you are a criminal, you can get a gun on the streets of most towns in the US today, without background checks, without restrictions. The only people whom new “laws will affect are those that choose to obey those laws. Doesn’t anyone understand what the word “criminal” means anymore?

    I believe what must frustrate politicians more then anything is the fact that they are absolutely powerless and helpless to do ANYTHING to “control” this. Were the able to control the use of alcohol during prohibition?

    Are they able to control the use of illegal drugs in the country now?

    Is there anyone who truly believes the government, whether federal, state or local, really be able to keep guns out of the hands of criminals?

    Even if they could, will that stop the insane murderer from using another method?

    Think for a minute: Is Methamphetamine legal? Cocaine? Heroin? Do you see it in any stores? And yet, criminals get them all the time. Do you really think the government is going to be able to stop criminals from getting guns or committing crimes?

  4. Ward11

    No one is trying to take away anyones gun providing they fall under the guidelines of owning a gun. We should all have the weapons used when the second amendment was written then there would be no issue. Plus the taking up of arms was to protect our country. Now it seems the imaginary enemy is everywhere and no doubt lurking under rocks even. If one is against this country and its government then one should leave this country and not take up arms against its own. That is often considered a traitor especially in war time.

    Since the second amendment was written we have a military in place to protect our country and any one wanting to invade us. We also have instituted a police force in every town in this country. With that also created laws to sustain a civilized society.

    The inventions of assault guns do not belong to the individual to circulate in society or you will have exactly what we are experiencing. The ban on assault guns was lifted in 2002 since then massacre’s have been on a steady increase. This should not be much of a debate. All sane intelligent caring people should be alarmed at this loss of freedom.

    It is our lack and our prompt attention and action that will cause more loss of life.

    • Dieselrider

      When the founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment this country had recently won it’s independence from a tyrannical monarchy. Many people today mistakenly believe they wrote the 2nd amendment so people could protect their property and lives from thieves or even from foreign invasion. That is not the case.

      The forefathers knew how suppressive a government could become and that an unarmed citizenship could be completely at the mercy of any government controlled military. That is what the second amendment was and is to protect against. It gives the citizens of this country a last stand ability against a tyrannical government that becomes oppressive and out of touch with the electorate. That is what the second amendment was written for and to think of any other reason is to completely miss the reason altogether.

      You mentioned that “We should all have the weapons used when the second amendment was written then there would be no issue.” That is very true. And just as true there would be no issue if those are the weapons that our government had to use as well. However, keep in mind that at the writing of the second amendment the people had just as modern an arsenal as did the government. They were on equal footing.

      Also if you read the 2nd amendment you will not see anything about the restrictions of what type weapon or arms the citizen is entitled to. It doesn’t mention rifles, handguns bayonets or any such description. The term “Arms” could mean F-16 fighter jets, Abrams M-1 tanks or Apache attack helicopters. The second amendment never put limitations on the citizen, only on the government not infringing on that right. Also note that this is not mentioned as a privilege that can be taken away but a right that cannot be infringed upon. So perhaps you are correct and we should balance the scales today, and allow those that can afford them their constitutional RIGHT to bear “ARMS”.

      Any restrictions on the citizen in the USA bearing arms is an absolute violation of the constitution of the United States of America.Your even suggesting that is in fact an act of treason in itself as it suggests overruling the constitution.

    • morcho

      Guns and weapons are words with no meaning unless you know the definition. Guns are just objects, weapons have a purpose and like a politician versed in the use of definitions well, the speech insights outcomes pro or con. Government has failed it’s people cause the people have failed to be responsible, failed to keep the balance. Sorry, they are trying very hard to take your weapons and your guns. Laws and rules another set of lost meanings. A laws intent is to be kept, a rule to be broken in today definitions. Why not make a law for instance, no speeding or one to stop buses from being driven you have the previous one already and under the definition a law has become a rule. If you follow the words of the leaders, “if we could save one life we should try” well then a bus has just terminated 8 lives let’s try! Right now you have the laws on the books shouldn’t you have another one it stands to the present reasoning. Also if these types of guns should be kept off our streets as one has also suggested then what is a swat team or police officer doing with one? If you think for one moment that anyone wants your weapon/gun your dead on! The only solution to the problem is that you FORCE the world to stop making guns and weapons of destruction then remove them from the hands of ALL but the ALL would try another object to turn into a weapon: knifes ,forks ,bombs, cars, buses, train, planes, ball bat, hands the list is endless. Don’t be miss lead the powers to be want you disarmed! Also a gun is not a weapon until you decide it will be. The point don’t make the decision. Stop making laws when you don’t enforce what exists.

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