Georgia store clerk spanked boy with her belt for alleged misbehavior

Raquel Erhard – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Wrightsville, GA, United States (4E) – A 39-year-old store clerk who allegedly spanked a misbehaving eight-year-old boy with her belt in Wrightsville, Georgia was charged with simple battery on Thursday.

Dollar General clerk Emilia Graciela Bell was seen on surveillance video using her belt to whip Logan Ivey on the back more than 25 times because he threw a cookie at her.

Wrightsville Police Chief Paul Sterling arrived at the scene when the boy’s father, who was not at the store, informed them about the spanking.

Ivey’s mother and sister, who were both at the store, did not see the attack.

Sterling said the surveillance video captured the whole incident and he plans to upgrade Bell’s charges to aggravated assault.

The boy told the press that he was running around the store when Bell attempted to stop him and called him a demon. Ivey told Bell, “I’ll show you bad,” and hauled the cookie at her before the store clerk chased him behind a counter and started hitting him.

Jody Ivey, Logan’s dad claimed that the video would show how many times Bell hit his son and how bad it was.

Bell was arrested and released on bond Friday morning, police said.

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