Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says U.S. to continue to lead as global economic power in 21st century


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Washington, United States (4E) – In her final speech before leaving office, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday said that the United States would continue to lead the 21st century as the global economic power.

She also called for the modernization of country’s institutions and relationships, stressing on the need of a “new architecture for this New World. More Frank Gehry than formal Greek.”

Speaking before an audience at the Council on Foreign Relations think-tank, she urged the attendees to think about it.

She also strongly defended her term during President Barack Obama’s first term in office, recalling the two wars the country faced in January 2009, an economy in free-fall, fraying traditional alliances and damaged diplomatic standing.

“And around the world, people questioning America’s commitment to core values and our ability to maintain our global leadership. That was my inbox on Day One as Secretary of State,” Clinton said.

At the end of her term, she insisted, a lot has been changed as they have not only revitalized American diplomacy but also strengthened its alliances.

“In short, America today is stronger at home and more respected in the world. Our global leadership is on firmer footing than many predicted. “You can’t be a 21st century leader without 21st century tools – not when people organize pro-democracy protests with Twitter, while terrorists spread their hateful ideology online,” she stated.

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