Man Convicted of Stealing more than $15K of Jewelry Gets State Prison

CLEARFIELD – A Rockton man found guilty of stealing more than $15,000 worth of jewelry was sentenced to state prison Thursday in Clearfield County Court.

Michael Bainbridge, 26, 1292 DuBois/Rockton Rd., Rockton, was sentenced to three to seven years in state prison for receiving stolen property, theft and criminal conspiracy. He must pay restitution of more than $1,700.

The charges stem from an incident in September of 2011 when a Thunderbird Road resident noticed two jewelry boxes were missing from her home. Testimony at the trial revealed that Bainbridge sold some of the jewelry to two, different jewelry stores.

Prior to sentencing, the victim addressed the court explaining how certain pieces of the jewelry had great sentimental value to her. Bainbridge had thrown some of the jewelry in a dumpster leading her to comment.

“These are people’s lives being treated like garbage,” she said.

She explained she lost time at work and more importantly her sense of safety in her own home as the result of this crime.

Bainbridge also addressed the court confessing,” I have major issues in taking things that aren’t mine.”  He said he couldn’t express how sorry he was and that nothing he could say would help the victim feel secure again.

“I want to do what I need to do to be better,” he stated, adding that while being in prison he will be missing time with his daughter, which hurts him more than anything else.

Bainbridge’s attorney, Michael Marshall noted that Bainbridge has the possibility of additional time due to a state parole revocation. He argued that Clearfield County President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman should sentence Bainbridge in the standard range, which has a minimum sentence of 24 months.

Ammerman pointed out that Bainbridge’s juvenile record, which involved thefts, was two pages long and his adult record featured two burglaries.

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