Communications Minister: Venezuela’s Chavez over respiratory infection

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Caracas, Venezuela (4E) – Venezuelan Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas on Saturday said that President Hugo Chavez has significantly recovered from a severe respiratory infection, which occurred after his cancer surgery in Cuba.

Speaking on the sidelines of a regional summit with European Union leaders in Chilean capital Santiago, Villegas said, “The respiratory infection has been overcome, though there still is some degree of breathing difficulty that is being treated appropriately.”

Cuban doctors had a complex surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his pelvis nearly 45 days ago following which he suffered severe breathing problems. The minister, however, said that the president’s condition is “favorable”. His message appeared on official Venezuelan radio and television.

“Comandante Chavez has fully completed the medical treatment and has always been active in the recovery process which is continuing,” the minister added.

Earlier, Vice President Nicolas Maduro had said that the president had entered a phase of “complementary treatment.”

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