China warns of withdrawal of foreign aid to North Korea over rocket testing

Bernadette Carreon – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Beijing, China (4E) – China, a known ally of North Korea says it will not hesitate to reduce its foreign aid if the country continues to launch rocket testing and provoking the United Nations security council.

An editorial in a Chinese newspaper is warning North Korea that it will withdraw its foreign aid to the country if it continues with its threat.

Pyongyang has threatened to defy a UN Security Council resolution by launching another long-range missile in the next week.

China is the only known ally of North Korea and contributes vastly to the nation.

China however will also stop the UN from sanctioning North Korea.

North Korea Friday warned of the possibility of “strong physical counter-measures” against South Korea after the United Nations imposed sanctions.

The threat against South Korea came a day after the North said it would launch series of long-range rocket testing.

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