Police Report: Lawrence Township

  • Police were notified of a missing child from a local school. The incident was referred to the Clearfield-based state police, as it had occurred within their jurisdiction. The child was later located and found to be OK.
  • A warrant was served on a person who failed to appear for sentencing court.
  • A possible phone scam was reported to police, where the caller is posing as a representative from a debt collection agency.
  • A possible abandoned vehicle was reported at a local business. The business contacted the owner to have it removed.
  • An incident of harassment was reported to police, and both parties were advised to cease contact with each other.
  • A burglar alarm occurred at a local business. The alarm was accidentally set off by employees.
  • Police are continuing their investigation into an incident of criminal mischief that occurred at the Lawrence Park Village Apartments.
  • Clearfield Borough police and Clearfield County Probation were assisted with apprehending an escaped felon.
Police Report: Sandy Township
Police Report: Clearfield Borough

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