Eighty pound spotlight falls on South Dakota high school wrestler

Raquel Erhard – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Madison, SD, United States (4E) – A high school senior from Madison, South Dakota was injured after nearly 80 pounds of heavy aluminum spotlights came crashing down on him during a wrestling match Friday night.

According to reports, Michael McComish, who attends Madison High School, was crouched down in the wrestling mat’s center when the spotlight fell.

McComish told KSFY, “I walked over to the center, set, and the next thing I know the lights are on top of me and I couldn’t stand up. I fell back down and got some cuts on my knees.”

McComish added that he also heard screams when he was trying to stand up.

The incident was captured on video and had gone viral.

The student suffered minor cuts and required a few stitches on his forehead.

“If I would have been standing or if the mat wouldn’t have been in the right place, it would have done serious damage,” McComish added.

The family does not plan to file suit against the district.

A statement from the Madison High School official stated that the accident was a scary moment for everyone and the school is thankful to report the student is recovered and back at school.

School officials told the Daily Leader the accident was caused when a rope holding the spotlight broke.

It was reported that McComish lost the match that night because of injury default but his opponent, Chamberlain High School’s Thomas Swanson, gave the winner’s medal to McComish.

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