Mack Passes BCO Test

CLEARFIELD – Code Enforcement Officer Larry Mack passed his Building Code Official (BCO) test on Dec. 14, 2012, according to Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott.

In order to pass the BCO test, Mack had to earn a minimum overall score of a 70 percent. This means that out of the 60 total test questions, he answered fewer than 18 incorrectly. To certify as a BCO, Mack must now complete the application of certification and submit it with certification fees.

In recent months, council members Tim Winters and Patricia Kavelak have challenged Mack’s employment in his current capacity as code enforcement officer. In March of 2009, Mack was hired to replace James E. Kling, who is a current council member and who represents Fourth Ward.

At that time, Mack’s hiring was continguent upon him obtaining the proper certification within a six-month probationary period. However, Mack had failed the BCO certification test four times after his hiring, according to a prior report.

In August of 2012, the borough voted to reaffirm Mack’s hiring. In September of 2012, a motion by Winters failed, 5-2, to have Mack immediately terminated, and the borough kept Mack as its code enforcement officer.

Last month, Mack was cleared of any wrongdoing so far as his administration of the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) in a ruling handed down by the state’s Department of Labor & Industry, according to a previous report.

“Our investigation found no evidence of misconduct regarding your enforcement and administrative actions of the UCC for the above referenced property (OSSR Building). Your duties regarding this property were of zoning issues, which do not fall within the scope of the UCC,” the letter read in regards to Mack.

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One thought on “Mack Passes BCO Test

  1. lynsevans

    As far as I know there was no BCO test offered in December. Their classes run from January to June. The next Class and test is set for Feb 25 through March 1 with the testing to be completed on the fifth day after the four days of intensive instruction.

    As far as Mr. Mack being in compliance with the UCC I beg to differ. A zoning permit is not what is required when there is a structural change that involves removing a major support beam, a load bearing wall and changing the egress of a structure. I personally applied for a building permit doing just that. I made the assumption that the permit was correct. Now after all this controversy I have pulled said permit only to discover that Mr. Mack approved it for Zoning only. The changed required a building permit, a zoning permit has no bearing on the changes. I don’t see that as being absolved of any wrong doing.

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