Lin-Harden combo lifts Rockets to success

Cesar Tordesillas – 4E Sports Contributor

Houston, TX, United States (4E Sports) – The Houston Rockets went 10-6 in December with victories over the Jazz, Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, 76ers, Grizzlies, Bulls, Timberwolves and Hawks.

During that month, Jeremy Lin and James Harden exhibited better balance between who had the ball and their attacking natures. Lin likes to attack with finesse and the idea that he can pass to open shooters on the perimeter. Harden likes to attack with force and draw fouls.

“For us to be successful, we’ve got to move the ball and we’ve got to move our bodies. … Regardless of who we

play, we’ve just got to attack and move the ball,” McHale said. “We have a style that we have to play which is up and down and ball movement.

“We’re all getting to know each other a little bit. We have a really young team, and we haven’t been together that long. … As a team, we have to find our footing.”

In a recent victory, Harden had 28 points and five rebounds and Lin had 16 points, eight assists, four rebounds and four steals. In another recent victory, Harden had 26 points, six assists and five rebounds and Lin had 20 points and 11 assists. In Lin’s return to New York to play the Knicks, he had 22 points and eight assists, and Harden had 28 points and 10 rebounds.

“It’s a good example of what we can do,” Lin said.

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