Low-priced laptops keep Windows 8 PC sales struggling

Jeremiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

Redmond, WA, United States (4E) – The absence of netbooks have apparently affected Windows 8 PC sales.

The latest offering by Microsoft has struggled in sales because consumers are still looking for low cost units. The NPD Group concluded on Friday that Windows 8 holiday sales failed to make a significant impact.

“The launch of Windows 8…did little to boost holiday sales or improve the yearlong Windows notebook sales decline,” NPD said, according to CNET.

Compared to last year, Windows laptop sales are down by 11 percent. Another reason for declining sales is the rise of the average selling price of Windows laptops ranging from $2 to $420.

Microsoft rival Apple also increased its average selling price of MacBook laptops ranging from $100 to $1,419. The Cupertino-based company’s laptop sales also dipped by 6 percent.

The main problem isn’t the price increase — it’s the change in systems. The release of Windows 7 was accompanied by a slew of affordable netbooks.

“Many of those 20 million Windows 7 licenses each month — too many, I think — went to machines that are basically throwaway, plastic crap. Netbooks didn’t just rejuvenate the market just as Windows 7 appeared, they also destroyed it from within,” analyst Paul Thurrott of website Supersite for Windows wrote.

Consumers are now expecting the same affordable prices for Windows 8 laptops but that seems like it won’t happen given the departure from netbooks to touchscreen hybrids.

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