WJAC-TV: Jefferson Co. Passes Resolution Opposing Injection Wells

JEFFERSON COUNTY – The Jefferson County Commissioners recently voted to approve a resolution that demonstrates the county’s opposition toward disposal injection wells, according to GantDaily.com news partner WJAC-TV.

In neighboring Clearfield and Elk counties, two oil and gas companies are currently applying for permits. Jefferson County Commissioner Jeffrey Pisarcik said that the county is against the disposal injection wells.

“I understand this water has to go somewhere. There is always a good place for it, but we really don’t think it’s down our old wells, especially when we have good water,” Pisarcik said.

Pisarcik told WJAC-TV the commissioners decided to draft and approve a resolution after observing the events in Clearfield and Elk counties.

In December, a few hundred residents turned out for a public hearing over a proposed injection well along Highland Street Extension in Brady Township, Clearfield County.

The following day, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a public hearing in Elk County for a proposed injection well near James City.

“We have some of the best water in Pennsylvania and the United States in this area. We would never do anything to jeopardize that. So the least we could do was pass this resolution, stating that we’re against it,” he said.

Pisarcik said the county opted from drafting an ordinance due to the fact that an oil and gas company could file a lawsuit if they were prevented from applying for a permit. He said in the event a company wishes to drill an injection well in Jefferson County, they are prepared and hope that the community supports their opposing views.

“We would try to get every citizen in the county to be against it. When it comes to public views, we would ask everyone to participate in that,” he said.

The resolution does not ban an oil and gas company from applying for a permit.

The commissioners said there aren’t any official plans for an injection well in Jefferson County.


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