Police say New Hampshire girl seen in pajamas made up crime story

Raquel Erhard – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Manchester, NH, United States (4E) – The nine-year-old girl from Manchester, New Hampshire who was seen by a woman on the streets wearing only her pajamas and left her bicycle behind when questioned Wednesday morning has been found.

Authorities said family members recognized the girl’s bicycle in media reports.

According to a police statement, the girl said she left the house without her family’s knowledge and when a stranger approached her, she created a story that would justify why she was out.

The woman allegedly stopped the girl she saw riding a bicycle along Salmon and Elm streets because she was concerned when she noticed she had only pajamas on a cold weather.

After talking to the girl, she was told that the girl’s family had been the victims of a crime and she was out to find her aunt.

When the woman dialed 911, the girl fled, leaving her bicycle behind because she was afraid to get into trouble for leaving the house without permission, police said.

The girl got back home without her family knowing that she went out, and attended school.

Her parents, who became aware that something happened only when photos of her bicycle appeared in media stories, informed her school, which called the police juvenile division.

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