Intel takes step towards power efficient processors with limited Ivy Bridge chips

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Las Vegas, NV, United States (4E) – In a few days the annual Consumer Electronics Show will take place in the Las Vegas Convention with tech companies set to unveil the latest technology. Among these companies is Intel, the top processor maker in the world. Intel is set to debut the most power efficient chip in the world — a limited edition “Ivy Bridge” processor.

Only a select group tablet and ultrabook vendors will receive the limited Ivy Bridge chips. The Ivy Bridge processors will “have a power rating below 10 watts, allowing the silicon to throttle down to a sub-10-watt power envelope,” according to CNET.

Intel’s current generation of Core series processors are more than 17 watts. Processors with power ratings below 10 watts have been limited to Intel’s lower-powered Atom chips, which makes the limited Ivy Bridge chips a rarity.

Intel aims to improve its products due to competition from Samsung and Apple. Samsung recently unveiled a quad-core processor for smartphones and Apple is working on faster processors for its mobile devices.

The limited edition Ivy Bridge is just a step towards building a new line of processors that are power efficient and more suited for improved designs.

“The designs wins that are out there include ultrabooks, convertibles, and tablets,” an Intel spokesperson said.

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