Israeli peppers in Lebanon supermarket cause stir

Windsor Genova – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Beirut, Lebanon (4E) – Lebanese authorities have launched an investigation as to how mixed peppers from Israel found their way to a local supermarket.

The 13 bags of mixed peppers with tampered bar codes indicating they came from Israel were discovered and reported by an anonymous shopper Tuesday prompting intelligence agents to visit the supermarket in the southern coastal city of Sidon. The products apparently violate a law banning local companies from doing business with Israeli traders and international firms dealing with suppliers from Israel.

The investigation by Lebanon’s military court will look into breaches at the customs department of airports and seaports that allowed the products to enter the country undetected.

Last year, Israeli-made products bearing American and European brands also reached Lebanon. A decade ago, the same Sidon supermarket had sold mugs made from Israel.

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