PHOTO: Spanky’s Courthouse Café Awarded Silver Shovel

(Provided photo)

CLEARFIELD – Spanky’s Courthouse Café has received the Silver Shovel Award for this month.

A spin-off from the previous Golden Broom Award, the Silver Shovel Award is a peer-to-peer program initiated by the Clearfield Revitalization Corp., (CRC) to promote storefront and sidewalk cleanliness in the winter months. The Silver Shovel has been passed by the Main Won.

Owner of Spanky’s Courthouse Cafe, Mona Rauch said they’re happy to receive the Silver Shovel Award and to display it in their restaurant all month. “We appreciate being recognized,” said Rauch. She looks forward to passing the shovel next month and said they will keep their eye out for businesses that take the extra step and maintain a clear and customer-ready storefront in the snow and ice.

The CRC offered this tip to businesses during the winter months. Business owners should be sure to clear a path from the sidewalk to their storefront in the snow, making it possible for customers to park and get in and out of their cars with ease. 

Pictured are Susan Harris and Mona Rauch, both of Spanky’s Courthouse Café, and Joe Zhu of the Main Won.

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