Police Report: Lawrence Township

  • A motor vehicle accident occurred near Elizabeth Street. However, this accident occurred within Clearfield Borough, which was notified of the same.
  • A motorist was assisted with unlocking their vehicle.
  • Police assisted Clearfield Borough police in handling an argumentative female at the Clearfield Hospital.
  • A disabled motorist was assisted by police.
  • An ATA bus slid off the roadway along Spruce Street.
  • Police responded to Flegal Road to direct traffic and to assist with clearing the roadway. Several vehicles had become stuck on the hill due to icy conditions.  The vehicles were moved from the scene after which the township’s road crew plowed the hill and applied anti-skid.
  • An incident of reckless driving was reported to police. A vehicle was fish-tailing and spinning on the snow-covered roadway. The vehicle was gone prior to police arrival. But the vehicle’s registration information was obtained by police, and citations are currently pending.
  • An incident of theft from a motor vehicle was reported to police, and the property was recovered.
  • Shots were reportedly fired in the Antis Hill area. Police learned it was a resident who was target practicing.
  • An incident of road rage was reported to police. A local man ran a red light in front of oncoming traffic. Then, when confronted by another driver, both men engaged in a heated, verbal exchange. Police handled the incident at the scene.
  • A stranded motorist was assisted on state Route 879.
  • Police received a complaint about a resident who was plowing snow from his driveway onto the roadway. The incident was handled at the scene. Police would like to remind residents that it is prohibited to place snow removed from walkways, driveways and parking lots onto township roadways.
  • A tractor-trailer became stuck on the hill and blocked one lane of the Krebs Highway. Police directed traffic until help arrived to pull the tractor-trailer back onto the roadway. Police were assisted by PennDOT crews, which plowed the road and put down salt and anti-skid.
Police Report: Clearfield Borough
Police Report: Clearfield Borough

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