‘Maturing’ Heat star Dwyane Wade says he’s still athletic

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Miami, FL, United States (4E Sports) – Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade shrugged off criticism by delivering some high-flying highlight reels, proving that he hasn’t lost his athleticism.

Wade is slowly regaining his old explosive form after struggling with his surgically-repaired knee. The Miami Heat guard said he can still play above the rim even though he will turn 31 in January 17.

Wade underwent knee surgery in the off-season, limiting his movement and explosiveness to that extent that he could not be able to do high-flying plays on a regular-basis.

This coupled with low production offensively prompted analysts, especially TV analyst Charles Barkley, to think that Wade is started to lose his talent.

Wade admitted he might not be able the athleticism he had during his rookie years but asserted he can still fly high above the rim, especially when he’s motivated.

“Even though I might not get as high as I did when I was a rookie, I can still get over the rim when need be — especially when I get angry,” Wade told ESPN Thursday.

Wade answered his critics by coming up with solid numbers in the past games, including the Heat’s Christmas Day showdown with 2012 NBA Finals rival Oklahoma City Thunder.

Wade recorded 21 points and 9 rebounds in a hard-earned 103-97 win over the Thunder. However, it was his rim-rattling dunk over Nick Collison that caught the attention of everyone.

The former Marquette star followed it up with another solid effort against the Charlotte Bobcats, recording 29 points and 9 rebounds in a 105-92 Heat win.

Wade is convinced that there will be a time when he could not dunk the way he used to do, but he still hopes to play with the same aggressiveness by making some adjustments in his game.

“Hopefully never,” Wade told ESPN. “I don’t want to. When I walk away from the game, I want to walk away playing the game that I want to play.

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