Grounded Jet: critics dampen Tim Tebow’s Christmas

Cesar Tordesillas – 4E Sports Contributor

Florham Park, NJ, United States (4E Sports) – Tim Tebow was so upset with the perception created by the media that he quit on the team that it dampened his Christmas.

“It’s a football game. That’s one thing, if you’re good or bad at football, but your character and integrity, that’s who you are as a man,” he said.

The controversy began Sunday night, when first reported that Tebow was so upset at being passed over for the starting quarterback job that he didn’t want to be used as a situational player in the Wildcat.

Tebow confirmed he was miffed that Greg McElroy was named to replace Mark Sanchez as the Jets’ starter and admitted he told Ryan he was unhappy in his role in the Wildcat — but claimed he never asked out of the package.

He also reportedly griped about being limited to up-the-gut runs in the Wildcat since some of his best plays with the Denver Broncos came on rollouts.

A source said Ryan and his staff were left with the distinct impression Tebow didn’t want to continue in his Wildcat role, so they immediately replaced him with wide receiver Jeremy Kerley, who ran three plays in Sunday’s loss to the San Diego Chargers.

Tebow was active for the game, but didn’t play a snap on offense or on special teams.

The Jets are planning to part ways with Tebow after the season, sources said, even though he has two years remaining on his contract.

Tebow said he is looking forward to the Jets upcoming game versus Buffalo.

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