Ex-Lions lineman Lomas Brown regrets intentionally missed block

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Detroit, MI, United States (4E Sports) – Former Detroit Lions offensive lineman Lomas Brown has expressed regret for admitting that he intentionally missed a block decades ago because of frustration with quarterback Scott Mitchell’s poor play when they were teammates in 1994.

“I regret it happened,” said Brown, who spent the first 11 seasons of his career with Detroit, starting in 163 games for the Lions from 1985 to 1995. “Did I regret it happened then? No, I didn’t regret it happened then.”

“For my 18-year career, they say you average probably about 1,000 plays or so per (season). So I know I’ve played well over 18,000 plays, excluding practice, in this league. It’s one play out of the 18,000 that I regret,” he added.

Brown was referring to the play that happened Nov. 6, 1994, during Mitchell’s first season with the Lions. Mitchell suffered a broken finger on his passing hand when Packers defensive end Sean Jones hit him on the play.

The Lions fell to 4-5 with the 27-24 loss to the Packers that day but won five of their final seven games to make the playoffs.

“That was 1994, and I was extremely frustrated with the situation that was going on,” added Brown, currently an NFL analyst for ESPN. “I didn’t try to get the guy hurt, but that’s what ended up happening.”

Mitchell, however, has publicly criticized Brown, saying he was floored by his former teammate’s revelation.

I had Lomas in my home. I fed him dinner. I gave him and other offensive linemen gifts. I’m dumbfounded that he would do such a thing. I mean, people get hurt playing this game,” said Mitchell, who missed the rest of the 1994 season due to that injury.

Despite Mitchell’s reaction, Brown stated that he plans to reach out to the former quarterback.

“I expected Scott to react that way,” Brown said. “That’s the way he should have reacted. I don’t blame him for reacting that way. But Scott knows a lot of things that went on, too, in Detroit. If the shoe had been on the other foot, I probably would have reacted that way, too. I know I would have reacted that way, probably a little worse than that.”

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