Dept. of General Services Prepares to Implement Public Works Employee Verification Act

HARRISBURG – The Department of General Services has launched a new Web site to assist contractors, subcontractors and state and local government bodies bidding public works projects in meeting the requirements of the Public Works Employment Verification Act, which goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2013.

Signed by Gov. Tom Corbett on July 5, 2012, the act requires contractors and subcontractors working on public works projects to verify the employment eligibility of each new employee through the federal government’s E-Verify® system.

The new Web site provides preliminary information including a draft copy of the Statement of Policy (scheduled for publication in the PA Bulletin on December 29, 2012) outlining the department’s administration and enforcement of the act, the verification form required by the act and a link to the federal government’s E-Verify® system.

This Web site can be found at by clicking “Construction and Public Works” in the left navigation pane and then clicking on “Public works Employment Verification.”

The site will be updated regularly as additional information becomes available. Those interested in the act and the department’s efforts are encouraged to check the site frequently for updates and new information.

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