Clearfield Borough Approves Purchasing New Weapons for Police Dept.

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield Borough Council approved purchasing new weapons for the Clearfield Borough Police Department at Thursday night’s regular meeting.

Police Chief Vincent McGinnis researched new weapons for the department. It had been called to his attention that their current weapons were 12 years old. The weapons budgeted for in 2013 and approved would be 17 Glocks.

McGinnis proposed the weapons be purchased for a total of $2,505. He said each weapon costs $409 new; however, The Officer Store would pay $278 per existing weapon on a trade in. He said this drops the price down to $131 each.

The council agreed to purchase the weapons after checking with local vendors to see if they could match the price.

Council members Fred Wisor and Dave Gallaher opposed the weapons purchase. Wisor explained his reason why during the meeting, while Gallaher did not.  Wisor said he would have agreed to the purchase if it had been necessary.

McGinnis could not say the purchase was needed other than there was a desire to replace the department’s weapons before they began to develop issues. Wisor said that at 12 years old, the weapons were not old yet, and he still uses one that’s 50 years old.

Wisor asked when the department would be looking to purchase a new vehicle. McGinnis said it would be next year at which point Wisor asked if there were any other big purchases that might come up. McGinnis said he was looking into a new taser.

Council member James Kling sympathized with Wisor’s objections and added his own. Kling said that normally he preferred not to replace everything at once. However, he voted in favor.  Kling said the borough might not be able to purchase the weapons at this price in the future.


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