Venezuela Communications Minister describes Chavez’s condition as stable

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Havana, Cuba (4E) – Venezuelan Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas has said that the condition of President Hugo Chavez is said to be stable after doctors treated his respiratory infection – a common consequence of “complicated surgeries”.

The doctors treating the president said that the infection is brought under control, adding that Chavez only needs “absolute rest”.

Just weeks before swearing in for a third presidential term, which is due on January 10, Chavez, 58, underwent an operation in Cuba to remove a new cancer, which apparently recurred just days after his re-election.

Before his surgery, he had already named Foreign Minister and Vice President Nicolas Maduro as his temporary replacement and possible successor if he becomes incapacitated.

On the weekend elections, Chavez’s ruling socialist party snatched four more seats from the opposition and won 20 out of the 23 governorships.

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