Iran starts building second-tallest dam

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Tehran, Iran (4E) – Iran is starting construction of the world’s second-tallest dam with a height of 1,033 feet.

The Khatam al-Anbiya (KAA), which is controlled by Iran’s military, will build the double-arch concrete dam on the Bakhtiari River in the Zagros mountains of Iran’s southwestern Lorestan Province, according to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The dam can hold 4.8 billion cubic meters of water, the largest reservoir in the country, and will produce 1,500 megawatts of electricity.

KAA commander Abolghasem Mozaffari revealed Wednesday that construction of access roads for the dam has begun.

The Chinese firm Sinohydro Corp. was contracted in 2011 to build the dam for $2 billion, but the Iranian central bank cancelled the contract in May and turned over the project to the IRGC and KAA. No reason and notice of cancellation was given to Sinohydro.

When completed, the Bakhtiari dam will be the second-tallest in the world after Tajikistan’s 1,099-foot Rogun Dam now under construction.

Currently, the tallest dam is the Jinping-I Dam, an arch dam in China standing 1,001 feet high. The second-tallest is the 984-foot Nurek Dam also in Tajikistan.

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