Student charged tor threatening tweets against Florida school

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Miami, FL, United States (4E) – A 16-year-old student who was taken into custody Monday for posting threats online about plans to attack his school in Miami, Florida is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday afternoon.

The teenager, who attended Miami Lakes Educational Center, allegedly posted on Twitter about his plans to shoot up his school on Friday, one week after the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

On Tuesday, the teen apologized to all the people who lost their kids in Newtown and said “It’s obviously been dealt with in my situation. I’ve learned my lesson and I hope everyone else can learn there.”

He was released after a hearing in juvenile court Tuesday, but was ordered to stay away from the school.

The student explained it was a misunderstanding that was blown way out of proportion, adding, “It wasn’t a threat to you guys. I just want people to understand it’s a serious thing and it shouldn’t be made fun of and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

The arrest report stated the teen informed fellow students that he intended his Twitter followers, school faculty, students and teachers to read the tweets.

Reports divulged the boy’s Twitter account showed a photo of the Columbine High shooting in Colorado.

Miami-Dade Police spokesman Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said it was unclear if the student meant to carry out his threat or if he had access to a weapon.

No weapons were found at his home, claimed police.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools said in a statement that the student has been suspended and would be recommended for expulsion.

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