Police Report: Lawrence Township

  • A truck reportedly struck a light in the area of the Clearfield Mall. However, police arrived and determined that a light had not been struck by any vehicle.
  • Police assisted with a psychological emergency, where a female consumed several unknown pills. She was transported to the Clearfield Hospital.
  • A burglar alarm occurred at a local business, and police found the building secured.
  • Police and the Clearfield-based state police investigated the origins of a text message regarding a body. Police determined it had been sent by a juvenile at which point the family was notified it constituted a misdemeanor offense, and there were potential for fines that could amount to thousands of dollars.
  • Police assisted Children, Youth and Family Services with an investigation into an injury sustained by a baby. The investigation is continuing.
  • A disabled motorist was assisted with removing his vehicle from the roadway.
  • A suspicious vehicle was reported at a local business. Police found an employee who was closing.
  • A suspicious vehicle was reported in Golden Rod. The vehicle belonged to a guest of a resident.
Police Report: DuBois City
Police Report: Sandy Township

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