Oklahoma schools closed Wednesday due to possible threat

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Bartlesville, OK, United States (4E) – Bartlesville Public Schools in Oklahoma announced it will close district-wide Wednesday after a possible threat was made against the high school.

A Wednesday morning press conference stated a neighbor witnessed two armed men on school grounds around 4 p.m. on Tuesday and school officials decided to close the schools after investigating the incident.

Wednesday was supposed to be the last day of classes before the district’s winter break.

According to Superintendent Dr. Gary Quinn, district officials expect the situation will have been stabilized when students returned to school on January 2.

Quinn added they we will work together with the local police department during the break to evaluate current security at all sites and provide recommendations for the safety of our students.

This is the second threat against Bartlesville Public Schools in less than a week after police detained 18-year-old Sammie Chavez on December 14 for terroristic threatening.

Investigators believe Chavez plotted to lure students to the high school auditorium, chain the doors and start shooting.

Captain Jay Hastings said there have been increased patrols in and around local schools since the Newtown elementary school shooting and the arrest of Chavez.

He also told Fox23.com that the report about the suspected men with weapons is being investigated and evidence revealed the men could have been duck hunting on the pond.

Police are still trying to find the men.

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