Sandy Twp. Approves Sewer Rate Increase

DUBOIS – Sandy Township met for the final municipal authority and board of supervisors meeting for this year on Monday night, and a sewer rate increase gained approval at both meetings.

A sewer rate increase came through DuBois City earlier in the year. The township didn’t decide until more recently to raise its sewer rate, according to Township Manager Dick Castonguay.

He said the increase will be 50 cents per 1,000 gallons of sewage used. In other words, he said it’s an increase from $13.50 to $14 per 1,000 gallons of sewage used.

According to Castonguay, PennDOT has approached the township regarding replacing the bridge on Mountain Run Road, the last bridge before entering Huston Township. He said it’s a part of the state turn-back program.

Castonguay said he didn’t see why PennDOT would want the bridge replaced; however, he said the amount of money offered was “decent.” He said this still needs a few steps of approval, including from Harrisburg.

The permit for replacing the Old Bliss Road has been submitted to PennDOT. There is a possibility for reimbursement, according to Castonguay.

He said the reimbursement would be PennDOT paying for 80 percent of the project with Sandy Township picking up 20 percent. He said that municipal services were encouraging the use of timber bridges as a test.

He reported that the Kiwanis Trail waterline project is making progress, and about 60 residents still need to tap into the line. He said around 20 residents have yet to pay for their connection.

Castonguay said that the final notices would be mailed out before liens would be applied against properties.

He said zoning changes for the Metaltech property have moved ahead toward the next stage, which is a public hearing. He said the county’s planning commission didn’t provide any comments. He said the township planning commission felt the change was in the interest of consistency and that the entire property should be zoned the same.

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