U.S. refuses to sign telecom treaty with U.N.

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Washington, DC, United States (4E) – The United States has rejected a United Nations-proposed telecom treaty at the recently concluded world body’s gathering in Dubai.

In a statement from the World Conference on International Telecommunications, Terry Kramer, head of the US delegation, said that Washington is not willing to sign the treaty regulations in their current form. “The US has consistently believed and continues to believe that the (UN treaty) should not extend to Internet governance or content,” Kramer added.

Explaining the reason of the government’s rejection, Kramer said that the treaty opens door to the governmental regulation of the Internet, which is not acceptable. Some authoritarian regimes like Russia, China and Saudi Arabia want to impose controls over online use.

Kramer added that 10 more countries, including Britain and Canada, also expressed their intention against signing the treaty in its current form. “Negotiations are done,” an ITU spokeswoman Sarah Parkes said in an email. “US, UK and Canada have announced they will not ratify. Others speaking now, several in praise,” she added.

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