Police Report: Lawrence Township

  • A phone scam was reported to police.
  • A person(s) directed threats at employees of a local business.
  • A suspicious male was reported on Washington Avenue near the Clearfield Area High School. The male told police he was out for a walk.
  • A burning violation was reported on Montgomery Run Road.
  • A traffic light at state Route 879 and Industrial Park Road was malfunctioning.
  • Police checked the welfare of an individual on Turnpike Avenue. The person was found to be OK.
  • Police answered a resident’s questions regarding a family member with psychological issues.
  • A single-vehicle accident occurred on Wrigley Street. No injuries were reported. The vehicle was towed from the scene. A utility pole sustained damage, which caused a power outage in the area.
  • An incident or harassment was reported to police.
  • A noise complaint occurred at a Baney Road residence. The resident agreed to turn his music down.
  • A parking complaint occurred on Mill Road.
  • Police assisted another department with a DUI arrest.
  • An incident of harassment was reported to police, and a local man is being accused of stalking a local woman in-person and by phone. The investigation is continuing at this time.
  • An incident of disorderly conduct occurred at a local business for which a woman will be cited.
  • An incident of harassment was reported to police, which advised all parties to cease contact with each other.
  • An unknown substance was on the roadway in the area of South Second Street and SR 879. Police determined it was not a hazard.
  • A suspicious person was holding a sign at a local business.
  • A domestic disturbance occurred and police resolved the matter at the scene.
  • A Clearfield resident was allegedly being harassed via text-messaging and phone calls from a Hyde resident.  Police contacted the offending juvenile and his guardian. The matter was handled without further incident.
Police Report: Sandy Township
Police Report: Clearfield Borough

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