Police Report: DuBois PSP

  • Jason Thomas Bowers failed to register a new address with the Pennsylvania State Police within 48 hours of moving as required by law. Bowers was taken into custody Thursday on a warrant and placed in the Jefferson County Jail.
  • An incident of theft occurred at 2:30 p.m. Thursday at the Brockway Elementary School. An 11-year-old boy allegedly stole an Apple iPhone 4S from another 11-year-old boy. The accused has been charged with theft and receiving stolen property.
  • Minor injuries were reported following a motor vehicle accident at 2:20 a.m. Sunday on state Route 153 in Huston Township. The operator of a Ford pick-up truck had just pulled a Dodge pick-up truck, which had been disabled, from a northbound position up against the guiderails into the southbound lane. A vehicle operated by Barry Reddinger, 37, of Clearfield was traveling downhill in the southbound lane. He struck the Ford and Dodge pick-up trucks before glazing Daniel Gardner of Weedville, who was outside his Ford pick-up truck. Gardner was removing a tow cable from between the pick-up trucks. Gardner sustained minor injuries. All vehicles were towed from the scene.
Police Report: Clearfield PSP
Police Report: Ridgway PSP

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