Police Report: Curwensville Borough

Police are investigating a threat that was overheard toward the Curwensville school on Sunday. The investigation is continuing to identify the subject. Police will provide extra patrols, and an officer will be present at the school.

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One thought on “Police Report: Curwensville Borough

  1. concernedparent

    Question to the Curwensville Area School School District Administration….If the school was aware of the “rumored threats” Sunday, then why were parents only notified of the potential of their children being put in danger tonight??! Rumors or not, parent have the right to know of ANY potential threats received by the school and the fact that the school officials did not find it necessary to inform parents of the “rumors” speaks volumes and as far as I am concerned raises many other questions about what they are not telling the parents about what else is going on in the school.

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