Obama: U.S. did not do enough to protect its children


Nathan Andrada – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Newtown, CT, United States (4E) – U.S. President Barack Obama addressed Newtown, Conn. on Sunday after the town was devastated by a shooting that killed 20 schoolchildren and seven adults. He lauded the courage displayed by the local residents and blamed the country’s politics for not doing enough to protect the country’s children.

The president was in attendance in the prayer vigil that gathered mourners for the victims of Friday’s massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that saw a gunman firing a military-style rifle at adults and young schoolchildren before committing suicide himself.

While Obama was reading the names of the six adults, who heroically protected the children from the 20-year-old gunman Adam Lanza, sobs broke from the audience.

During the weekend, more details of Lanza’s attack were made public. Local police said the assailant carried to the school a Bushmaster AR 15 rifle and two handguns with hundreds of bullets in magazines with 30 rounds each. Authorities also found a shotgun inside his car.

The stunning event has prompted several Democratic congressmen to push for gun control legislation such as banning military-style assault weapons.

Several states like Connecticut have laws restricting purchase of firearms, but because of lack of federal statutes, traffic of guns is hardly stopped in states that do not have such strict restrictions.

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  1. Ward11

    As I posted before –there is no place in our society for assault guns. You are talking about becoming an uncivilized society.

    A country without laws is why we have a rampage going on. We have very few laws on gun ownership and one thing is for sure there is no reason for anyone to own assault guns of any kind. There was never a problem with people having rifle collections for hunting but when the guns became assault guns is when the death toll to the innocent rose. I don’t care if your a good decent citizen as the parents often are in these cases to a street gang member— no one needs assault guns. They can mow down people in seconds before you can pick up and aim.

    A car is considered a deadly weapon if we are drunk and driving and kill others and why we have had to make adjustments in our society to pass laws that you will be fined jailed and prosecuted it you drink and drive and if that results in the death of another then you will be do time.

    When you have a person with an assault rifle opening fire they will mow down a lot of people before they are mowed down.

    • Dieselrider

      It is very obvious you have no idea at all what you are saying and you have tunnel vision on this issue. A law written on a piece of paper will do absolutely nothing to protect you, me or anyone else, including children, from a criminal who is not going to follow the “law” in the first place.

      There are several laws that were violated by Adam Lanza that did absolutely nothing to prevent what happened. There is also much speculation that he didn’t even have the assault rifle in the school building at the time, including a video of the police removing the rifle from the trunk of a car once it was found in the parking lot. Many things people like you and those in the media do not want to come to light. Guns of any kind are not the problem, people are the problem and until you can stop the problem you are helpless. In fact more guns are a much better answer than less guns. More guns and training in the hands of teachers and on school officers would put the first line of defense on site rather then minutes away. Why do you think these mad men pick these “soft” targets in the first place? Why do you suppose they do not attack police stations, gun clubs or shooting ranges?
      Banning assault rifles will only mean that there will be more bombs used by these lunatics in the future. Once again, when talking small children as the victims, what weapon is not deadly? (Read recent Chinese incident) Should we eliminate cutlery as well?

  2. Dieselrider

    The sad fact is that there are many laws in place that were broken by this gunman and all those gone before him. The writing of more laws on parchments and paper will do nothing to stop the next lunatic that decides to kill innocent people. The man in China recently used a knife to carry out another horrific crime against little children there. Should we outlaw or restrict the sale of knives as well?

    You can only regulate guns that are in the hands of law abiding citizens. You cannot regulate the use of guns by criminals. They are criminals and they do not obey the law anyway. Ink stains drawn on the lines of papers are not match for the inhumane will of the criminal.

    The government was not able to stop the use of alcohol in the twenties, the illegal drug trade of today and they are completely powerless to keep guns out of the hands of criminals today and the days to come.

    Even in a Utopian society that the anti gun folks crave, these kinds of people cannot be stopped. What of pipe bombs, knives clubs, ball bats, bricks etc, etc.

    As I have said before, stop plastering these shooters all over the media so that other sick like minded lunatics will not see them as a celebrity to be copied or see their acts as another level of some sick video game to be beaten.

    Look at the other side of this situation for a change. Had one or more of those teachers inside that school been armed with a concealed weapon and trained to use it, how many of those little children might just be looking forward to Christmas this year and years to come?

    • Ward11

      In 2004 the federal assault ban expired which prohibited the manufacture and importation of certain deadly guns as well as magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammo. Over half of the deadliest massacre shootings have occurred including the children at Sandy Hook since that ban was lifted.

      Bystanders only got to Adam Loughner only after he emptied one 31 round magazine and was only overtaken when he was trying to load another or the 100 rounder that James Holmes is accused of emptying in a Colorado movie theatre. Someone bent on doing a mass murder will always do it as long as they have this type of weapon.

      Sure a teacher is going to what walk around with an assault gun all day and that is a guarantee your child is safe–I think not –now you got a potential shoot out but he will be mowed down first because once a assault gun starts the rounds going of he won’t have a second of time to raise the gun let alone aim or shoot.

      They need to bring back the assault weapons ban and this time get them all off the market.

      No matter what the situation there always needs to be boundaries. There has to be decisive action. Its like the saying evil abounds when good men do nothing. You want to carry an assault rifle the join the Navy Seals.

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