In Clearfield Borough, Mack Cleared of any Wrongdoing in Code Enforcement

CLEARFIELD – At Thursday’s committee meeting, members of Clearfield Borough Council learned its Code Enforcement Officer Larry Mack has been cleared of any wrongdoing in a ruling handed down by the state’s Department of Labor & Industry.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott presented a letter from the DLI. The letter was from Building Code Officer (BCO) Ron Englar, an operations manager in the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Field Division.

According to Stott, the letter referenced the OSSR building located on North Second Street near the Dimeling Hotel Senior Residences. In addition, the letter declared the results of the investigation against Mack.

She said Mack had been cleared of any wrongdoing regarding the OSSR building.

“Our investigation found no evidence of misconduct regarding your enforcement and administrative actions of the UCC for the above referenced property. Your duties regarding this property were of zoning issues, which do not fall within the scope of the UCC,” the letter reads in regards to Mack.

Council member Patricia Kavelak asked Stott if this ruling applied to only this property, or if it blanketed all of the complaints against Mack. Stott said she had called Englar, and the ruling applied to all of the complaints against Mack.

When asked, Stott indicated that Mack can continue his code enforcement duties. Englar provided his contact information in case there were any questions regarding the ruling.

Council member Tim Winters provided a press statement. Winters said, “As to the letter from the Department of Labor and Industry, it addresses one specific complaint.

“We have shown without refute that Mr. Mack has never fulfilled the requirements of his hiring. His continued employment without the required certification is a disservice to the taxpayers of Clearfield Borough.”

The DLI also cleared Brian Rearick of the Middle Department Inspection Agency.

Stott also reported that the borough is working with homeowners with sewage issues that have been discovered through smoke testing. She said there have been 66 households discovered with potential issues, and the smoke testing is still ongoing.

Stott said any homeowner with sewage issues will have 60 days to correct it. She added, “There may be situations where we will be giving extensions.”

She indicated that some homeowners need to cap off drainage pipes that have been open. She said some have older, cracked pipes that must be dug up to correct. She said any future homeowner who has sewage issues could need more than 60 days, so that they’re not being required to replace piping in January and February.

In other business:

During a special meeting:

  • The borough voted to approve the hiring of Nathan Curry and John Brown as full-time patrol officers. Both will have a starting wage of $20 per hour. Curry’s hire date will be as of Dec. 14 and Brown’s as of Dec. 15.

During the committee meetings:

  • Stiffler-McGraw was recommended to remain the borough’s engineers for 2013.
  • The borough announced that the leaf vacuum truck has been put away for the season. The borough will continue picking up bagged leaves as weather permits.
  • The borough reminded residents that the annual Clearfield Volunteer Fire Department Christmas event is Dec. 15.


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