CBS News: 27 Dead, including 18 Children, in Connecticut School Shooting

NEWTOWN, Conn. – At least 27 people are dead, including 18 children, after a shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., according to CBS News.

The shooter is among those dead, according to reports. The shooting began around 9:30 a.m. at Sandy Hook Elementary. Approximately 600 students who range from Kindergarten through fourth grade attend the school.


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2 thoughts on “CBS News: 27 Dead, including 18 Children, in Connecticut School Shooting

  1. Dieselrider

    It is a real shame that so much of the national media coverage of this type of act is about the shooter. That is exactly what prompts the next lunatic to attempt to outdo the lunatics that have gone before. I say get his face and name off the news screens and concentrate on the victims. Get the faces and names of the victims remembered not the shooter. Those lunatics that are capable of this kind of act see how much coverage these people get and how they are given celebrity status in the media. Those of you in the media have a responsibility to report the news but, for the sake of the next victims, please keep it on those that matter and off of the mentally unstable individuals that commit the crimes.

    • morcho

      One hard fact is, ALL humans possess a wicked heart(core) and every man is set to destruction. Man assumes to know the question and misses the answer every time. Laws are made laws are broken man assumes it’s the fault of an inanimate object and continues forward in his folly.
      The problem is where the answer lies in the heart (core) of man.
      Have a great day!

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