Police search New Hampshire highway for possible armed man

Raquel Erhard – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Londonderry, NH, United States (4E) – Authorities are searching for a suspected gunman after receiving reports from witnesses stating they saw a man with a gun outside a car on Interstate 93 in Londonderry, New Hampshire Thursday morning.

According to State police, the reports about the man came around 8:30 a.m. along exit 4 and responding officers immediately combed Interstate 93 on the ground and from the air.

State Police Lt. Chris Wagner said callers described the suspect as a white man with gray hair, wearing a black trench coat and holding a possible assault weapon.

Londonderry and Derry police looked east and west along Route 102, warning businesses in the area about the situation and closing off several streets and bridges surrounding the highway for the search.

A nearby Montessori school remained on lockdown an hour during the search.

Wagner added they failed to verify the sightings and no further reports have been made.

The search was called off before 9:30 a.m. but investigation continues.

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