Mavs owner Cuban advises NHL to fix ‘civil war’ problem

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Dallas, TX, United States (4E Sports) – Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has advised the NHL to use the lockout to totally fix its “civil war” problem to avoid another labor impasse and other problems in the future.

“When you have all your southern franchises basically sucking wind, there’s a message there that you have to fix it. I mean, you have two different worlds; the north and the south,” Cuban said.

“It’s kind of like the civil war right now going on, and it’s got to be fixed. So, yeah I’d cringe more as a hockey fan. I’d cringe more if they don’t fix it,” added Cuban, a Dallas Stars season-ticket holder and a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

In a blog, Cuban advised the NHL seven years ago to get things right regarding financial issues and revenue sharing after the 2004-2005 lockout wiped the entire season.

“Just like the last one, it’s only been like seven years right? But I even wrote a blog back then that they should have fixed it, and they didn’t,” Cuban noted.

Cuban also said negotiation tactics between the two sides are complicating the talks even more.

“There’s no good way to negotiate because everybody thinks they have a solution in those scenarios and nobody wants to listen to the other guy’s solutions,” Cuban said.

“And it’s just when desperation sets in that something gets done. It’s not the best way to solve business problems, but that’s what ends up happening,” he added.

The NHL recently announced the cancellation of regular-season games through Dec. 30 after the two sides failed to find a common ground in negotiations last week.

The move brings the total number of shelved games from October 11 to December 30 to 526, or 42.8 percent of the regular season schedule.

The total includes the Jan. 1 Winter Classic game between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs and the Jan. 27 All-Star Game in Columbus, Ohio.

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