Pentagon report accuses Pakistan over Afghan war

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Pentagon, United States (4E) – A Pentagon report on Monday accused Pakistan of providing safe haven to Taliban insurgents – a move that undermines the security in Afghanistan ahead of U.S. troops’ withdrawal in 2014.

The United States Defense Department, in a Congress-mandated war assessment, claimed that the current 68,000 troops in war-hit Afghanistan had successfully prevented Taliban attacks and restricted civilian atrocities.

In its report, the Pentagon said that “endemic corruption” and Afghan government’s limited capacity pose big risks.

“However, Pakistan’s continued acceptance of sanctuaries for Afghan-focused insurgents and failure to interdict (explosive) materials and components continue to undermine the security of Afghanistan and pose an enduring threat to US, coalition and Afghan forces,” the report said.

The report came months after relations between Pakistan and the U.S. improved after former agreed to reopen supply routes for Western forces into Afghanistan. Pakistan, notably, blocked access to NATO supplies that pass through its border, after a U.S. border strike ‘accidentally’ killed 24 of its soldiers last November.

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