South African president Zuma sees Nelson Mandela comfortable at hospital

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Johannesburg, South Africa (4E) – The South African government on Sunday said that former President Nelson Mandela, 94, is doing fine after spending a restful night in hospital where he was admitted for routine medical testing.

Following his visit to a Pretoria hospital, President Jacob Zuma said that Mandela is “comfortable, and in good care.” “We wish him all the best. The medical team is assured of our support as they look after and ensure the comfort of our beloved founding President of a free and democratic South Africa,” Zuma stated.

Zuma’s spokesman and Mandela’s former fellow prisoner Mac Maharaj said, “I think he has had a restful night, the doctors are comfortable about it, they are continuing monitoring.”

The spokesman added that there is nothing to worry about the medical tests since they are consistent for his age. This is the second time country’s first black president has been admitted to hospital. The government doesn’t reveal Madela’s health conditions instead tries to allay fears over his health.

“We need to understand that he is 94 years old, and that his state of health is not genuinely of a good quality, and that from time to time he is admitted to hospitals,” Mark Sonderup, Vice Chairman of the South African Medical Association told AFP.

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