Firm eyeing ocean thermal use in Guam

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Guam, United States (4E) – A United States based company is proposing the use of hydrothermal and ocean thermal in military campuses on Guam.

Based on the abstract presented by the company, the hydrothermal and ocean thermal sources will create a net-zero energy that can be utilized for production of own power , cooling and alternative fuel.

The company is also eyeing the proposed facility in Finegayan which it said that the facility has “favorable geology where the conventional mining techniques and utility tunnels made by tunnel boring machines can reliably access ocean water.”

The company, Cotherm claims it can produce more than 100 megawatts of power – enough to provide the cooling and power requirements of the military facility.

Cotherm founder and innovator Tadeusz Jagusztyn said that the transfer of the U.S. military assets and personnel in Okinawa to Guam will be an opportunity to the achieve the energy goals.

With this, according to a statement from Marine Pacific Forces , three MV-22 Ospreys have finally landed on Guam from Okinawa.

The Ospreys are taking part in the Marine Aircraft Group-12 exercise Forager Fury 2012.

The Ospreys’ flight from Okinawa enabled the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing to simulate safe flight passage through 500 nautical miles of permissive territory free of enemy threats, and 200 nautical miles of hostile territory with four FA-18s providing realistic replication of enemy aircraft.

AAFB is serving as an operating base for the exercise and will be the venue for the operations center. The Ospreys are training on Tinian’s West Field.

This is the first exercise that the Ospreys have participated in since they replaced the Marine’s aging CH-46 helicopter fleet in Okinawa.

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